Heaven’s singing Joy

A song written and composed by Jessie Dipper for IDOP 2016

Put down, and hurt, by voices thrown.
With fingers burnt, my faith has grown.
Told I’m nothing, within this world.

But I know there’s something,
From the words they’ve hurled.
For, Heaven’s singing Joy,
Heaven’s singing Joy,
Though the storms may rage, your love’s the same,
And Heaven’s singing Joy.

Blessed, in distress,
Through the lies said.
I am made fear-less,
And no more dead.
Forever in, your arms, I sit.
Cleansed of sin, angel’s praise emits.

Those, sent before, on fire for more.
Had felt, the pain, I’m in.
You lead the way,
And told them what to say,
Through the suffering, they Praised.
Yeah, Through the suffering, they Praised.
Oh, Through the suffering, they Praised.